Best Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones 2020

Best Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones 2020

Bluetooth headphones are our wireless sanctuary away from the world. They give us the ability to listen to audio from our favorite movies, videos, music, and podcasts in our own private space. But most of these headphones allow a lot of outside noise to trickle in and interrupt our listening experience. This interference can be especially frustrating if you’re on a plane.

Getting an active noise canceling Bluetooth headphone will put a stop to all that noise pollution. Active noise canceling Bluetooth headphones tend to focus more on blocking out ambient noise first and foremost and then the sound quality secondly. So you are able to have a more zen-like experience or a more immersive audio experience. Our collection of active noise canceling Bluetooth headphones is some of the absolute best on the market today. They provide excellent noise canceling along with an outstanding listing experience, no matter if you’re in the noisiest or most hostile environments. They also offer a 3.5mm jack to listen your audio wired if you so choose.  

TaoTronics ANC Bluetooth Headphones

Priced From  $64USD

This TaoTranics Active Noice Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone is the cheapest headphone on our list. It has a stylish design that gives it a nice premium look and feels. Sound quality is very impressive, you get very punchy bass with balanced mids and boosted highs. The active noise canceling isn’t the best but it does a very good job of blocking out outside interference. This TaoTranics headphone offers up to 25-hours of play time backed by Bluetooth 4.2 technology for excellent connectivity and fast pairing. The TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone is one of the best and most affordable pairs of ANC Bluetooth headphones around.

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 Sony WF1000X

Priced From  $168USD

The Sony WF1000X truly wireless earbuds are hands down some of the best noise-canceling truly wireless earbud on the market today. There is a dedicated app which gives you the ability to control how much outside noise you hear or you can just shut out all outside noise altogether.  Sony also included an Adaptive Sound Control feature, which uses the gyroscopes inside the earphones to workout if your stationary, walking, running or on transit and automatically adjust the noise-canceling to that particular surroundings.

The 1000X delivers impressive sound quality, you get balanced mids and highs along with light punchy bass. Make sure to download the Sony Headphone app to get the best audio experience. If your looking for earbuds with a bit more bass the Jaybird Run is a better option. You get 3 hours of playtime and with included charging case your able to get a total 9 hours of playtime. If you find your earbuds are low on power just 50 minutes of charge will give you an hour of playtime. If your looking for an excellent pair noise-canceling true wireless earbuds the Song WF1000x is what you need. Read Next: Best Truly Wireless Earbuds 2018

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Paww WaveSound 3

Priced From $99USD

The Paww WaveSound active noise canceling headphone is great for travel. Its capable of blocking out as much as 23 DB of unwanted ambient noise. Paww has also included an airplane adapter so that the headphones can be connected to some in-flight systems to get a better listening experience on those long flights. It delivers a very balanced audio experience with ample bass. The WaveSound 3 offers up to 16 hours of play time and up to 30 feet in wireless range.

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Sony WH-1000M2

Priced From $348USD

This Sony WH-1000M2 over the ear wireless headphone is still one of the best on the market. Sony reduced the number of buttons to help simplify the usability. The headphones already excellent noise cancelling has atmospheric pressure optimizing, ambient sound control, an equalizer and surround and sound position control. All these awesome features help the headphones to adjust to whatever environment you’re in. With the Sony connect app you’re able to tweak these new features to your liking. Playback time is 30 hours with wireless connection and 40 hours with a wired connection. Like the previous model, it has the Quick Attention feature, so you can cup your hand over the ear cup if you want to temporarily stop the noise cancelation to talk to someone and it has touch sensors on the earcup that lets you control your tunes and calls with simple swipes and taps.

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Priced From $90USD

These headphones have a very clean and sleek design. They are very comfortable to wear especially for long hours. The earcups have two, high-end stereo drivers that deliver some quality sound with a heavy bass that is sure to impress. You’re able to get up to 18 hours of talk time and 16 hours of playtime with just 3 hours recharge time. BÖHM also provides one-year manufacturers warranty on each purchase.

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Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless

Priced From  $199USD

The Sennheiser HD 4.5BTNC Wireless is an impressive wireless noise-canceling headphone that’s a more affordable competitor to the excellent Bose QC 35 ll. Its one of the best sounding noise canceling headphones you can buy under $200 and it sports an all-plastic design with very cushiony memory foam that sits very comfy on the ears. The active noise canceling is very effective and will do very good muffle sound. Sound quality is one the best in its price range it has powerful bass and excellent mids. Battery life is rated at 19 hours with Bluetooth and noise-canceling activated and it also has a 3.5mm jack to listen your audio wired. The Sennheiser HD 4.5BTNC isn’t as good as the more expensive Sony 1000M2, or the Bose QC 35 ll but its very impressive noise-canceling for half their price.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 ll

Priced From $349USD

The Newer and just as impressive Bose QuietComfort 35 ll wireless noise-canceling headphones perform just as good as the older QC 35 but now it has a dedicated action button to access Google Assistant. This makes the new QC 35 ll the first headphones to integrate Google Assistant with just the touch of a button. Google Assistant lets you control playback with your voice, smart devices in your home and so much more. You can also use the Bose Connect app to change the action button to the active noise cancellation button. The quality is great but where the QC 35 ll shines is the noise canceling and Bose owns this area in the headphone industry they are the best.

The QC35 ll cancels sound so naturally and smoothly that it will feel more like a very comfortable pair of earmuffs. These foldable over-ear headphones work extremely well for phone calls and also includes a cable for wired listening in case the battery dies.  It has 20 hours of playback time and a companion app for iOS and Android that helps to give you more control over your headphones. The Bose QC 35 ll Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones are simple the best noise canceling headphones on the market.  So if you’re looking for the best noise canceling headphone this is it.

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Sony WP SP700N

Priced From  $178USD

The Sony WP SP700N is the sportier version to the above Sony WF1000X. The earbuds are a bit bulkier when compared to most of the other truly wireless earbuds in its price range, but despite the size, the earbuds are very light and sit very comfy and secure in the ears thanks to the supple silicone tips and some nice ear fins that provides balance and stability. The tips also offer a great seal so passive noise isolation is very good.

The sound quality of the 700N is very good, you a solid amount of bass with loud clear highs and mids. You get 3 hours of playtime and with included charging case your able to get a total 9 hours of playtime. The earbuds share similar features to the Sony WF1000X’s so you get Digital noise canceling and Adaptive Sound Control along with the Sony’s headphone app which allows you to adjust the equalization and the sounds you get from the outside world. With an IPX4 rating, these headphones can handle sweat or splashes so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet during your workout activities. Read NOW: Best Headphones 2018

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Sony WH-1000x M3

Priced From $348USD

The Sony 1000x M3 is not perfect, but when compared to most of the other ANC headphones on the market, it ticks the most boxes. The M3 is great on comfort, the best at fast charging, one of the best in battery life, the best at active noise cancelling and not to mention the best bass-rich audio experience. See why the Sony WH-1000x M3 headphones are the best: Sony WH-1000x M3 review

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Microsoft Surface Headphone

Priced From $350USD

The Microsoft Surface headphone is a great addition to your Windows ecosystem and it’s one of the most outstanding active noise cancelling headphones on the market. It has Microsoft’s Swift Pair technology, so it will be extremely easy to pair to any Surface machine. The Surface headphone can pair with up to 10 different headphones. It’s the only headphone that has an always-on voice assistant which means the headphone is always listening and waiting for you to say a command to the onboard Cortana voice assistant. Read Full Review

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Nuraphone Headphone

Priced From $350USD

This is far from your typical active noise cancelling headphone. The Nuraphones have super sensitive microphones inside that creates your own personal audio profile. It has touch sensitive areas on both earcups to control playback and you also have the ability to customize the playback touch controls to your style. Read Full Review

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Bluetooth Headphone please comment below.

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