6 Easy Ways To Stop Slowing Down Your Phone

6 Easy Ways To Stop Slowing Down Your Phone

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When we buy a new smartphone the first thing we do is download a ton of apps, then use it for a few months,  then start to get frustrated as the phone starts to slow down more.  We turn to Task Killer Apps, Speed Boosters, and Antiviruses believing that they can resuscitate it from the constant logging. We are all guilty of this at some point, but the fact is, they don’t truly work as they claim.  If you really want to keep your smartphone working then it’s best not to get caught up in this smartphone would and follow these 6 tips below and your smartphone will be running at its optimum speed all the time.

Apps Installed

You should always think before installing a bunch of apps on your smartphone because apps are the main reason why your fast smartphone turns into a snail. Did you know that apps like SnapChat and Facebook slows your phone done significantly by 30 percent. So don’t bloat up your smartphone with a ton of apps that you don’t even need, only install the apps you need.



A Thin Screen

Another thing we tend to do is to use apps and widgets that have heavy notifications, as well as live wallpaper not knowing that they use large amount of your phones resources in the background and will often take a long time to load the small screen every time you go back to it. And this will affect you phone no matter how powerful your phone is.



The Task Killer Apps

Task Killer apps are the recommended apps you use to free up RAM. But in reality these Task Killer apps will slow down your smartphone even more because the Operating System on your smartphone keeps the apps in RAM and restores them when you need them. So when the Task Killer shuts down these apps, your phone has to start from scratch and this slows down your phone. Instead of using a task killer app you can simply close all apps and reboot your smartphone every few days.



The Antivirus

Most People believe that you have to have an antivirus on your phone. But the fact is you don’t. When was the last time your antivirus found something on your phone? Most of these antivirus never finds anything all they do is bloat up your phone and slows it down. As long as you download from legitimate sources, back up your data and avoid clicking on unsafe links, you have no need for and antivirus.


Speed Boosters

Most Speed Boosters don’t work, they have no effect on your phone at the hardware level. All these app are used for is to run all kinds of advertisements which just slows down your phone.



Monthly Cleaning

It’s always good to clean up your phone every 6 or 7 months. Just go through your phone and deleted all the unwanted photos and videos. You should also thin out your wanted contacts from your contact list. Make sure  to backup all your important data, but don’t backup your apps there is no need to do so. You also do a factory reset  and start all over again giving your phone a fresh start.

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